History and Members of the Consultation


In 1998 the College of Anglican Bishops in Continental Europe [the so-called COABICE] — made up of the serving bishops of the four Anglican jurisdictions present in various regions of Continental Europe — commissioned a wider body with the task of considering the call of the Lambeth Conference that year “to encourage continued exploration towards appropriate provincial structures for Anglican Continental Europe in partnership with other Churches in the service of the common mission of the Church”.

The four jurisdictions each delegated a senior priest and lay person to join their respective bishop as a delegation to the European Anglican Provincial Consultation. The 12 members of the Consultation met in Madrid in 1998, in Porto in 1999 and in Frankfurt in 2000. The Consultation had the benefit of three special consultants representing the interests of the wider Anglican Communion and the relevant Primates, and also welcomed observers from the Old Catholic International Bishops Conference and the Lutheran co-chairman of the Porvoo Agreement Contact Group.

From 2001–2003 the annual meetings were suspended while a Partners in Mission process — a cumulative process of prayer and dialogue working from parish level through to levels of oversight — was undertaken. A final meeting, with ‘external’ partners monitoring the dialogue, was held in Madrid in May 2003. Its principal report is attached.

The Provincial Consultation resumed its meeting with a session in Paris in 2004 and issued this communiqué.

Members of the Consultation 2004

for The Convocation of American Churches in Europe
The Right Reverend Pierre Whalon
The Reverend Tom Pellaton [apologies sent]
Mrs Helena Mbele-Mbong

for The Church of England Diocese in Europe
The Right Reverend Dr Geoffrey Rowell
The Ven Peter Hawker OBE
Mrs Diana Webster

for The Lusitanian Church
The Right Reverend Fernando Soares
The Reverend Dr José Jorge Pina Cabral
Dr Manuel Guedes-Vieira

for The Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church
The Right Reverend Carlos López-Lozano
The Reverend Susan Woodcock
Mr Miguel Sánchez

The Revd Jonathan Goodall Secretary

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